financing options for auto repairs

3 Ways To Purchase A Vehicle With No Down Payment

If you current vehicle sputters and rattles every time you go for a drive, it is time to start searching for a new vehicle. However, if you are short on cash, shopping for a new automobile often feels futile. Fortunately, you have options if you need to purchase a vehicle without a down payment. Here are three ways to buy a new-to-you vehicle without making a down payment. 1. Have a Trade-In Read More 

3 Things to Know Before Taking Out a Personal Loan

Personal loans can be a very valuable financial tool if you are in need of money. They can be used for nearly anything ranging from consolidating credit card debt to paying off an unexpected medical bill or car repair. The main advantages of personal loans is that they tend to offer a more affordable way to borrow and are available for nearly any type of expense. They are also paid off in installments, making it easier to budget. Read More 

What To Do When You Get A Better Job But Can’t Afford To Move

Getting a better job can be the start of having a more enjoyable and easier life. By earning more money and having a job that you enjoy, you will be in a better position overall. If you are going from just getting by from paycheck to paycheck to paycheck to gaining a good salary that allows for extras, you may be excited about the money. One of the hardest parts of getting a better job in another area is figuring out how to go about getting to that area when you are low on money. Read More 

Finding The Best Mortgage Loan For You

When you are thinking about buying a house, whether it is your first time doing so or it is just time to find a new home, it is important to consider your home financing options. Mortgage loan products come in many different forms, each of which suits different types of home buyers and situations. If you want to get the best deal on your mortgage and you are looking to find the product that best suits your circumstances and needs, get to know more about some of the different mortgage loan products. Read More 

Should You Get A Mortgage With PMI? Three Factors To Consider

What is private mortgage insurance and why do you need it? If you're about to purchase a home but cannot pay the full 20% down required by most loans, you'll be asked to pay an additional fee called private mortgage insurance (PMI). This fee is necessary for most mortgage companies to guarantee a loan with less than 20% down and it will stay with the loan until you have paid off the full 20%. With that in mind, is it a good idea for you to purchase a home with PMI? Read More 

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financing options for auto repairs

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